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About the company​.

Comda is a leading integrator of IT security solutions in Israel. Comda owns a wide knowledge base, professional personnel, technologies and products for computer networks and security information systems. Comda provides development services, marketing and integration of communication systems, security and information transmission. The company also provides consulting services, highly skilled technical personnel, authorized and experienced, at the various computer-related fields. Comda arranges professional seminars on data communication and security issues in all fields of computer networking. Comda’s offices are located in Atidim Tech Park in Tel-Aviv.

What We Do.

Comda has been chosen by leading companies as their representative and products promoter in Israel.

Comda provides security and access control solutions for IT systems. Comda’s customer list contains more than 5000 organizations – government institutions, IDF, banks, industry and financial companies, high education institutions and more.

One of Comda’s daughter companies – ComSign, is the exclusive representative of  Digicert in Israel.

ComSign specializes in digital signatures and the implementation of digital signature solutions in computer and e-Commerce systems. ComSign is the Israeli Certificate Authority, also issuing Digicert digital certificates to the Israeli market.

Comda was founded in 1985, and is a market leader in the field of Data communication & IT Security​.

Comda is a pioneer in creating a safe environment for IT users and implements secured technologies for organizations and individuals while maintaining privacy. In line with Comda’s vision of excellence in its area of expertise, the human knowledge and experience of its staff form the basis for success, and as a result, the company maintains its advantage during the last 28 years. Comda’s expert team, which comprises of more than 140 employees, has kept its high level of development, integration and service abilities, as well as the quality of the products and solutions which the company supplies. Comda provides solutions to large and medium organizations, as well as to business partners. Through its professional staff of customer managers, as well as its top quality network of business partners, Comda serves almost all the large and medium customers in Israel. Comda has a wide variety of technologies and provides end-to-end solutions to large customers in the market, from communication solutions, through development of IT security applications, to providing services of professional consulting and outsourcing.

Among the technologies assimilated by Comda are​:

  • Strong user access control    • One-time password (OTP) systems
   • Digital PKI advanced certificates
   • Smart cards and readers
   • Biometric solutions
   • SSO and smart card management system solutions
   • Line Encryption solutions
   • DB encryption solutions
   • IP management solutions
   • Systems Emulators (VAX, Alpha, Sun-OS)


ComSign - Founded in 2001, ComSign is the leading Certificate Authority (CA) in Israel, providing qualified and secured electronic signatures. ComSign is the only organization in Israel which has built the complete infrastructure for issuing electronic certificates, approved by the Israeli law. Comsign root certificate is also approved by Microsoft, Google and Mozilla as trusted root international certificate authority – so while a digitally signed document is being received by such a browser – it automatically identifies the document as a signed document without the need to install a certificate in the computer.

Comsign is also the #1 supplier in Israel of leading SSL Cetificates.

ComSigntrust - Founded in 2009, ComSignTrust™ is a leader in developing highly secure, qualified, Digital signature solutions. ComSignTrust™ helps organizations get control over their digital transactions and e-Activities by ensuring signer authentication and authorization. By doing so, organizations are able to prevent fraud and business disruption and to ensure a highly secure, globally regulatory compliant, cost-effective, simple and automatic digital workflow. With an easy click-to-sign process, all file types (doc, excel, PDF, PPT, voice, image, source code, video, XML etc. ) may be signed, time stamped, locked (sealed), emailed and e-Filed/e-Archived. The result is a secured, tamper-proof, signed and locked digital file, constituting strong legal evidence for a highly productive and secure workflow allowing fast and simple access to organized e-Archived files with auditing tracking. ComSignTrust™ offers Digital Signature solutions as: Desktop, Enterprise, Portable, Cloud, Web, Point Of Sale and Mobile e-Signing solutions, with capabilities such as Multi-Signer and powerful API, that integrate easily with applications such as SAP Business One, MS-SharePoint, Salesforce.com, ERP, CRM and BPM solutions. The ComSignTrust digital signature solutions may be implemented On/Off Premise, according to the customer’s needs.

ComSignTrust Product Portfolio:.

ComSignTrust Desktop – comes in two versions, Basic and Professional, and provides an automated digital signing software solution that can be installed directly onto any desktop  ComSignTrust Automated – allows you to apply the benefits of automation and digital signatures by integrating with any of your applications  ComSignTrust Enterprise – leads organizations into a paperless environment for tremendous savings through documentation automation on a large scale  ComSignTrust Cloud – fully automated and managed, Cloud handles all electronically signed documents without having the need for to deploy any software or hardware to your IT infrastructure Many enterprises have adopted the ComsignTrust solution, applying it and streamline themselves, both financially and image-wise. ComsignTrust’s exclusive added value, which differentiates it from the competition is the quality of its components which fully comply with the Electronic Signature Law and the legal demands for the signing methods which are required for the authorized signature (received legal admissibility), which are supplied to a system by ComSign – the CA. Its uniqueness is that the document signed by an authorized electronic signature is guaranteed as secure and cannot be forged, and accordingly, it is accepted as a legal original document.

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Our Team.


Zeev Shetach

CEO & Co Founder

“Fulfillment is the engine of each and every one of us for a fulfilling life.”

Group 36

Meir Romano

VP Operating Officer

Manages all of the company's logistic operation, including import / export of products, managing the cyber infrastructure and overseeing the company's protocols. managing the car fleet, computer stations and server of the organization.

Group 35

Tammy Lanzkron

VP Strategy

Has over 10 years of experience in managing and leading sales processes in the technology, information security and underwriting solutions and in addition to managing the company’s.

image 19

Sharon Levi

VP Sales & Marketing

Experience in marketing, sales and business development with innovative, creative and results-focused vision. In companies: use of new technologies and arenas in digital marketing and sales .

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Dan Yogev Kaznelson

Client manager

Dan (Reserve lieutenant colonel) has a lot of experience managing complex technological projects, focusing on embedding processes and support in the products and IT world. Dan leads the company support division while creating an innovative and professional support experience that gives the customers an added value.


Uriel Hassidim

R&D team leader

Uriel has a vast experience of over 30 years leading development and support teams, both in Israel and overseas. He has led the development of big systems from initial specification to embedment. He has background in numerous technological fields and with working with international teams.

Group 38

Nir Shlefer


Nir has an experience of 25 years within Telecom , Defense and Information security industries. He manages the Finance, procurement and HR departments for Comda, Comsign and Comsigntrust

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