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Access Control Systems.

Today, any organization that respects itself controls access of its users using physical and logical means. The most simple control methods are imposing a username and password for logical access to the organizational network. However, using a username and password is not safe enough, and leaves the organization vulnerable to destructive penetration attempts and information stealing.

Comda offers many solutions that can protect and ensure the access for your organization by using technologies and PKI infrastructures, biometric or integrated.

Assimilating a PKI infrastructure in order to control access allows using two factor authentication:
 something you have (token, smart card).

 something you know (password).

Assimilating a biometric infrastructure allows adding another means, i.e. biometric, to the other two – something  you are. The biometric component in the authentication procedure adds an element cannot be forged because, as opposed to a smart card or password, the biometric component is unique and cannot be transferred to another user. In most cases, it refers to fingerprint or iris patterns.

Using Match On Card (MOC) technological assimilation allows saving the biometric patterns in the smart card mechanism and in this way integrating the biometric method with PKI.

Comda has extensive experience in assimilating these solutions among many customers in Israel, whether assimilating off-the-shelf products or developing and tailoring them to the characteristics of the customer’s requirements, and integrating systems in the organization.


Comda OTP

strong authentication method


Multi OTP authentication devices


SecureID – advanced access control system from RSA Security.


Flexible OTP solution by Gemalto


Highly secure one-time passwords by SafeNet.

ID & Signature Components


Gemalto, Aladdin, Upek, RSA.


Gemalto, GemPC , and more.


Protection, Privacy, Matching …




  • Template Encryption in AES256!
  • Save logon attempts to Log!
  • Set your architecture of procedures by user or computer!
  • Quick login without username!
  • Pass biometric identification via RDP!
  • Multilingual!


  • Integration of identification methods in addition to biometrics (smart card,OTP, password)!
  • Integrating methods of identification instead of biometrics (smart card,OTP, password)!
  • Connecting readers and identifiers without technological limitation: irisEye, Smart Cards, Face Recognition, Fingerprint, Barcode!
  • BioLogon software will be installed on a server adjacent to the organization’s AD.
  • Biometric verification will be done using 1 to 1 method when the user has to place the finger on the reader instead of typing a password.
  • All system users will be registered users of the organization’s AD.
  • Endpoints are standard PCs that run a Windows operating system.
biometric solution
biometric solution

HID Digital Persona.

We Guarantee.

EikonTouch® 710.


  • The EikonTouch 710 capacitive fingerprint reader provides quick and reliable biometric authentication and is the only touch silicon FIPS 201 PIV certified single fingerprint reader on the market. The EikonTouch 710 utilizes our patented technology to capture a wide range of fingerprints and fine print details with superior image quality for a broad range of use cases. Our Digital ID Hardware Engine companion processor enables match-on-device and OTP generation in secure, dedicated hardware.


    • FIPS 201 PIV certified
    • Small form factor
    • Works well with dry, moist or rough fingerprints
    • Highly durable (> 2 million touches)
    • High quality fingerprint image
    • Multiple cable lengths and connectors
biometric fingerprint scanner
biometric fingerprint scanner

DigitalPersona® 4500.


  • The DigitalPersona 4500 Fingerprint Reader is a USB peripheral perfect for individual desk top users, as well as multiple users in shared environments. Its compact design conserves desk space in enterprises, and its professional, modern appearance looks elegant in point-of-sale environments (POS). The DigitalPersona 4500 Reader utilizes optical fingerprint scanning technology to achieve excellent image quality, a large capture area and superior reliability. A silicone coating allows it to read a wide range of fingerprints accurately and rapidly regardless of placement angle. The high-quality metal casing resists unintentional movement.


    • Small form factor
    • Excellent image quality
    • Fast image capture
    • Encrypted fingerprint data
    • Compatible with DigitalPersona SDKs



A smart card is a protected solution found in a closed environment, and thus is suitable for storing personal or secret information. In match-on-card technology, smart cards are used in the biometric user authentication procedure opposite the biometric template, which is created for them on the card during the issuing process. In this way, the verification level can be maximized with regard to card users, because it is the third factor – what is yours (card), what you know (the card’s password) and what is you (biometric template) – which cannot be bypassed or forged


    •  Combines a fingerprint reader and a smart card reader.
    •  Secure architecture – all biometric processing operations are made on the card or in the reader itself.
    •  Supports Two-Factor Authentication.
    •  User-friendly design suitable for widespread use in an organization.
    •  Firmware version which can be upgraded.
    •  Large identification surface (12.8 x 18.0 mm) for maximal biometric authentication.

HID Lumidigm.

biometric fingerprint scanner

Lumidigm® M-Series.


  • When you need to replace vulnerable passwords and PINs with a secure authentication solution, multispectral biometrics from HID Global delivers. The Lumidigm® M-Series fingerprint reader outperforms conventional devices in its class, delivering usability, high-performance liveness detection and reliable biometric matching perfect for PC-based authentication, IT security, and single sign-on (SSO).


Easy to deploy in your Windows, Linux, or Android environment, the USB desktop M-Series:

      • Improves productivity — Multispectral fingerprint imaging works in all environments, consistently capturing high-quality fingerprint images even when the finger is dry, wet, dirty or in strong light.
      • Strengthens security — Prevent fraudulent use of fake or stolen biometric data with high-performance liveness detection, encryption and physical tamper detection.
      • Deliver matching accuracy — Be confident that only legitimate users are authenticated with reliable 1:1 matching and 1:N search.

Lumidigm® V-Series


  • The Lumidigm® V371 Fingerprint Reader combines the industry-leading biometric authentication of HID Global’s multispectral fingerprint sensors and best-in-class contactless OMNIKEY® desktop card-reading technology into a single, integrated unit for strong multi-factor authentication.


  • Secure and Convenient — Provides reliable biometric authentication information that can be used to verify the identity of anyone, anytime. Simply place a card in the cradle and a finger on the plate and legitimate users can be on their way.
  • Eliminates Fraud — Multi-factor solution protects against fake fingerprints and detects the use of shared or stolen ID cards.
  • Real Identity Verification — Augment existing credentials with a biometric enrollment for multi-factor verification of the user and their card.


Omnikey 5022.


  • The OMNIKEY 5022 reader is an ideal solution for healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial services, enterprise, government and other organizations seeking higher security and access management. The reader eliminates the need to install drivers, and can be used with standard PCs and workstations, as well as with thin and zero clients. It can also be used to meet security and regulatory compliance requirements, which mandate two-factor user authentication for accessing workstations and applications.


  • The OMNIKEY 5022 is interoperable with a number of smart card technologies, tags, and NFC-enabled smart devices. By supporting numerous credentials based on common ISO14443 A/B, ISO 15693 standards, the reader is an ideal entry-level choice to support a small footprint in desktop environments.

    The OMNIKEY 5022 is integrated and tested with HID Global’s ActivID ActivClient, ActivID Applets and HID Global Trusted Tag® Services.

cyber security

Omnikey 5427ck.


  • The OMNIKEY® 5427 CK is available in two product variants. The OMNIKEY® 5427 CK standard reader is the ultimate choice to support a broad variety of low and high frequency credentials such as iCLASS Seos®, iCLASS SE®, iCLASS®, MIFARE®, Indala Prox, and HID Prox.

    In addition, the OMNIKEY® 5427 CK with Bluetooth interface allows customers to leverage their mobile access credentials to access computer, network or cloud by using their mobile phone.


    • Dual frequency – Simultaneously supports low and high frequency credentials, including iCLASS Seos®, HID Prox®, iCLASS SE®, MIFARE Classic® and MIFARE® DESFire® EV1; supports NFC
    • Supports mobile access – Available with Bluetooth interface to leverage HID mobile phone credential to access computer, network, data or cloud
    • Supports Seos and Part of the iCLASS SE Platform – Provides multi-layered security that extends beyond the card technology, providing additional protection to identity data.
    • Ease of use – Straightforward utilization of existing access control credentials for PC login in both CCID and Keyboard Wedge operation modes
    • Keyboard Wedge support – Retrieves data from a card and presents the information directly to any application by emulating keyboard strokes.

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