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Biometric authentication is a process of identifying a user’s unique body characteristics as a network authentication method. Biometric technologies can be used as a form of identification as well as verification. Generally, biometric authentication can obtain unique biological data from users in order to verify identification.

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Provide enhanced interactivity with a fast and convenient touch screen. You can set attendance time with dedicated in / out buttons, set users by username and password, PIN and biometric, and delete unauthorized users. The entire interface is based on intuitive messages in the menus
• Dedicated to using narrow door-spots, both opening doors and turnstiles! • Installation on glass and aluminum doors available! • Small and compact dimensions: 15.6×6.8×6.2 cm only! • Always in IP65 standard: Dedicated to heavy duty environments such as construction sites, industrial sites, mine fields, sea ports and airports. • Dedicated to harsh climatic conditions such as rain, snow and dust storms! • Product of Idemia, the pioneer fingerprint technology company, and also the first in the NIST rankings!


Fingerprint readers from MSO300 series, MSO301.

Larger than usual (0.8 inch x 0.8 inch) active zone, FBI PIV IQS and STQC credentials over the entire range.
Image generation, template encoding and 1:N matching (up to 1:5K users, 2 templates each).
Electro-Optical Detection Technology for FFD (Fake fingers) reorganization.
Card reader can be linked to MSO 35x versions (compatible card).
Extensive security features, including encryption and digital signature.
Windows, Linux and Android SDKs: MSO SDK (Initial Integration) and Morphokit (Remote 1:N to 1:50K).
Typical applications.
Population registration, border control, access control.

Morpho Wave Compact.

Captures and adjusts 4 fingers with right or left hand. Identification is done in less than 1 second! High-quality 3D images, including first-class (legal) security needs.
The device received an IP65 rating, thanks to its ability to detect fingers in any limitation, including hostile environmental factors such as light and dust. The device detects fingers with hidden, dirty or injured drips and deals with moisture.
Anti-fraud features: tamper switches, attendance clock, real-time employee alert scheduling, and scheduled anti-passback function.
• Based on integrated authentication that allows some Identification methods: biometrics, password and smart card! • Support for MIFARE, iClass, Prox, DESFire cards and PIN code in addition to Biometrics! • POE+ based, enabling deployment anywhere! • QR Codes scanner! • Multiple interfaces, including TCP / IP! • Wifi or 4G connection enabled! Morpho-Wave enables flexible architecture, N or multifactor detection, and provides authentication in a variety of ways. The device incorporates video and audio and contains an SDK-level MACI component.


Aratek truface - intelligent recogintion terminal.

• The BA8100 Smart Face Recognition Terminal runs the Aratek patent protected algorithm of TrustFace. It can detect a live face in built-in HDR cameras.
• The BA8200 is a smart facial recognition terminal that enables a multitude of biometric means: fingerprint verification, facial recognition and NFC.
• It runs TrustFace, Aratek’s patent protected algorithm, that allows live face recognition on the built-in HDR cameras. Combined with FBI PIV sensors, FAP20, STQC, Aratek BA8200 offers one of the most advanced solutions for employee identification and verification in the market.
• The BD8500 combines facial recognition, fingerprint biometric and NFC in the Android OS on a wide screen, making it user friendly in many cases.
• It runs TrustFace, Aratek’s patent protected algorithm, that allows live face recognition on the built-in HDR cameras. Combined with the FBI PIV, FAP10 and STQC sensors, the Artec BD8500 offers one of the most advanced solutions for identifying and validating workers in the market.


Presence Detect (Proximity Sensor) Helps conserve battery and increases life by waking up the device camera and sensors.
High Resolution Camera Assembly The 21 MP camera with high intensity LED flash and ambient sensor can perform high throughput face recognition of 15 to 18 users per minute. When not used for authentication, the camera can be used for HD video surveillance or video intercom functionality with DTMF.
Corning Gorilla Glass Provides exceptional performance and protection due to its durability.
5.0” IPS Capacitive Touchscreen The colossal 5.0” LCD with 1080p HD resolution gives TITAN an awe-inspiring display and is used for PIN access, function key inputs and enrollment from the device among other things. The in-plane switching (IPS) technology provides a wider viewing angle and stunning colors even in bright sunlight.
Android Nougat Android OS on the front end helps keep the UI/UX of the device up to the latest.
Fingerprint or Finger Vein Sensor Two leading fingerprint sensor options from HID Lumidigm (Multispectral sensor) and SecuGen (Optical sensor) and the Hitachi Finger Vein sensor option give you the freedom to select the ideal TITAN model based on the application.
LEDs The 2 beautifully crafted LEDs that flank the 5.0” screen provide visual aids to output events. The colors for various events can be configured from IXM WEB.

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With biometric identification we can know with certainty the identity of the employee who is in the system. Unlike a password that can be guessed or stolen, the biometric identification is personal, and allows tracing an entry from different computers and to different areas of the system

Employees who move between stations or enter the system frequently save a lot of time typing their details

Biometric identification allows a combination of several identification factors for stronger security, such as a username or
One-time password and biometric identification

Continuous operation in deploying a backup server or switching to login with name and password in case of a temporary failure

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