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Holmes Place.

The Holmes Place Fitness Network is an international brand that began in London over 30 years ago.

Holmes Place Israel has more than 40 branches nationwide and approximately 1,600 employees and over 100,000 subscribers.
The company has started offering digital services to its subscribers allowing them to fill and sign forms from their mobiles. They can fill a new subscription form, a subscription renewal form, a health statement, and more.
These are very long and complex forms, both in terms of the amount of content in the document and technically. The aim was accessing the forms in a user-friendly manner, making it easy and efficient to fill from anywhere on a mobile phone or a tablet.
Another challenge is making dynamic stipulations in the forms. For example, automated request for adding a parent signature when it comes to an underaged kid.
Wesign signing App Customization – For signing digital documents remotely via mobile SMS or a link sent to email to any device in Web form. This means designing each form and matching it to a mobile / tablet and building a dynamic set of conditions on the form according to Holmes Place requirements.

Bank Discount.

Discount Bank is a universal bank that provides its clients with comprehensive banking services in all areas of financial activity through a network of 150 branches in Israel.
The bank also provides its clients with a variety of direct banking services, online banking, mobile applications and account login through a website.
The documents in the bank were signed by hand and kept on a secure scan.


Bank Mizrahi.

Mizrahi Bank wanted to move into a digital world and start a “paperless branch”. To that end, he is required to convert all his paper documents into a paperless digital process that meets the legal
The main challenge was the volume – about 2,000 different positions across the country
The proposed solution was tablet underwriting, ComSign set up its own special production line in the East and produced thousands of tablets. We have installed our underwriting software – COMSIGN – POS so that virtually every customer who enters every branch of Mizrahi Bank can use tablets that are in all positions and instead of browsing the sea of paperwork everything is conveniently and efficiently displayed on the tablet, signature marking and document photography on the tablet can be signed

Magen David Adom.

Mada members have been hanging out with tablets on the ground for several years, but their use was limited. Mada’s need was actually to use tablets for the benefit of field personnel who could report the emergency call in real time. At the end of the process, they shall be able to lock the document to changes and sign it up by the person who filled it.
The main challenges of the project were to find a way to issue certificates to all staff members in Mada in order to identify each user who signs documents. In addition, users had to be effectively managed, including updates and deletions when needed.
The proposed solution was PKI infrastructure from zero in Mada, based on a cryptographic system provided by Comda, including a unique development for Mada in order to meet the main challenge: Distributing and managing all certificates effectively.

magen david


Assuta Ashdod Hospital serves about half a million people, residents of the city of Ashdod and the region, members of all the local HMO’s. Assuta is a new hospital with the most advanced technology systems in the world.
Assuta Ashdod applied Comda LTD to sharpen the identification of the patients avoiding mistakes in various and complex treatments. When a patient arrives at the hospital and radiotherapy or chemotherapy is needed, his/her identification must be performed prior to initiation of treatment in order to avoid incorrect treatment of patients.
The aim was to make a 100% certainty clear identification for the patients, efficiently and safely.
Comsign has established a BIOLOGON biometric identification system that interfaces with Assuta systems. Based on the BIOLOGON system, a desktop biometric reader can be used to identify the patient by placing the finger on the reader easily and efficiently and in a short period of time. The fingerprint reader is plugged to the secretariat’s computer. Before the patient gets his treatment, he is identified twice: By his personal details in front of the secretary and biometrically by his finger. That grants full identification of the recipient who is about to receive the appropriate treatment.


Mekorot is a fully government-owned company under the responsibility of the Ministry of Infrastructure. The infrastructure and water plants established by the company have in fact enabled life in Israel for households and owners of agricultural fields and industrial plants.
Mekorot decided to switch to digital invoices from its own systems. It sought to implement the use of enterprise-wide signing infrastructure as well as digital underwriting by end users. This involves a large number of employees & users who need to issue a digital signature.
Comsign has offered a solution for a major signing infrastructure as well as a unique add-on development to the Outlook system by adding a SIGN button that allows you to sign email attachments and identify each user using their digital signature.


Port of Ashdod.

The city of Ashdod hosts one of the largest harbors in Israel, alongside Haifa and Eilat. The harbor, based on its 12 quays & 30 docks, is a place in which both efficiency and security has to take a serious place. If drivers are not to be identified biometrically, not only unpermitted people may sneak into the harbor, but also authorized drivers will not find their internal destination efficiently.
The Comda team supplies Morpho’s biometric readers, specially adapted to the local operation system of Afcon. The identification is done automatically without any human interference. The driver approaches the harbor’s entrance, put his/her finger on the reader and gets his access to the port. The system also connects with the operational system of the harbor and navigates the driver efficiently to his/her destination.


Dan, from the pioneer’s companies of public transport in Israel, is also one of the few economic bodies born during the early years of Zionism across the country. The company is one of the largest in Israel in the field of transportation.
Nowadays, in the technological era, Dan provides services by broad kinds of personnel, both in the field and in maintenance issues.
Finding a solution for strong, secure and remote identification for users of the company’s systems. The solution was designed for about 200 of them who need to connect to corporate systems on laptops from anywhere via web.
Comda supplied Dan LTD an MFA system based on OTP configuration. With this technology, one may use one-time password retrieval through an app developed by the subsidiary ComSignTrust.



Matrix has aimed to streamline its recruitment process and make it digital. In order to achieve this, they had to get rid of all the paper-based processes that involve hiring (contracts, appendices and various approvals).
The main challenge was establishing a paper-free process with changing candidates who are not part of the Matrix company and verifying their identity. In addition, Matrix demanded to sign the document at the end of the process with a certified and valid signature that already exists in its systems.
The proposed solution is a Wesign system that enables the conversion of existing documents (WORD and PDF, for example) into digital and allows these documents to be sent to the candidate (by SMS) or by e-mail. In order to overcome identification – Matrix’ system is dedicated to the COMSIGN-OTP system. In addition, Comsign has developed for Matrix an Internal Interface for its existing systems to connect the candidate’s signed document to their internal signing system.


Pfizer is an international company. The company has a large number of invoices sent to its customers as well as a large number of inbound invoices from suppliers.
The company decided to move to a paperless workspace and transfer all paperwork to digital configuration, combined with enterprise systems (SAP and internal systems). Pfizer, being an international company subject to regulation and working conditions overseas, had to have a system that is capable of adapting to data security requirements that exist in an international company.
Comsign has set up 2 major signing systems for digital signing; A main system, located in the Pfizer Israel office and a backup signing system for the main system, located in Comsign’s secure facility.



A Melanox company that serves as a leading provider of communications chips. Melanox has a large number of incoming digital invoices from suppliers.
Melanox wanted to move beyond digital invoicing, but sought to ensure the reliability of incoming digital invoices before being approved for payment, in order to avoid receiving fake accounts.
ComSign has a module and raffle that aims to verify signature and sign information for digitally signed documents. The module is integrated into Melanox systems, so that a document that arrives on a regular email to vendors automatically goes down to ComSign’s testing system, testing is done according to the parameters defined by Melanox. If one of the parameters is missing or incorrect, the invoice returns to the e-mail from which it is sent with an explanation of why the invoice was rejected for payment. ComSign has also added a unique development for retrieving data from the invoice (beyond the digital signature retrieval data). Data such as: Complying with HP and comparing it with supplier table, date, amount and more … ComSign will streamline the Melanox payment process and make most of it an automatic process designed to ease the Melanox supplier department.


The Technion (TRDF) is a research university in Haifa that focuses on engineering and science and also teaches medicine and architecture. TRDF has 18 faculties, academic units and approximately 14,000 students. TRDF, one of the leading academic institutions in Israel, produces a large number of forms for students and graduates, and therefore aims to make a technological upgrade to improve the student learning experience.
It was necessary to reach a position where every student or graduate would receive the diploma, certificate of degree eligibility, receipts for the various payments, and approval of studies as a legally acceptable digital document both in Israel and abroad (for graduates pursuing postgraduate studies abroad), in order to avoid fax or mail, signed with “Certified copy”.
A major underwriting system has been established. It signs all documents and distributes them by E-mail to all TRDF students and graduates. Not only Comsign’s digital signature is recognized by the Israeli government, it is fully acceptable in international operating systems such as Microsoft, Apple, and international software and browsers such as Adobe, Mozilla, etc. As a result, the signed documents have full international recognition.

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