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Morpho Wave

A sterile biometric solution

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Biometric Hand Scanner Without Touching.

Morpho Wave Captures and adjusts 4 fingers with right or left hand. Identification is done in less than 1 second! High-quality 3D images, including first-class (legal) security needs. The device received an IP65 rating, thanks to its ability to detect fingers in any limitation, including hostile environmental factors such as light and dust. The device detects fingers with hidden, dirty or injured drips and deals with moisture. Anti-fraud features: tamper switches, attendance clock, real-time employee alert scheduling, and scheduled anti-passback function.

We Guarantee.


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biometric scanner

Identify several fingers at the time .

  • Contactless finger scanning!
  • Compact dimensions: only 25x15x21 cm!
  • Negligible weight: 2.2 kg only!
  • Can be hung on the wall!
  • Can be laid on a table!
  • You can scan your fingers while on the move!
  • You can scan stained fingers!
  • Automatically detect spoofs!
  • Built-in intercom on the device!
  • Very fast identification of all tested and tested!
  • Organize authorized and rejected lists!
  • Easy to install anywhere!


Fast and Easy to use.

  • Based on integrated authentication that allows some Identification methods: biometrics, password and smart card!
  • Support for MIFARE, iClass, Prox, DESFire cards and PIN code in addition to Biometrics!
  • POE+ based, enabling deployment anywhere!
  • QR Codes scanner!
  • Multiple interfaces, including TCP / IP!
  • Wifi or 4G connection enabled!

Morpho-Wave enables flexible architecture, N or multifactor detection, and provides authentication in a variety of ways. The device incorporates video and audio and contains an SDK-level MACI component.


MorphoWave biometric solution
biometric solution
biometric fingerprint scanner

Advantages .

Convenience and safety – Scan your fingers in 3D without fear of contact with the device or leaving any previous imprints on its back!

High throughput – Quick read in any situation, including in motion, injury or dirt on the finger. Increase employee productivity!

Layout anywhere – on the wall, on the table and on any internet connection!

Integrated verification – biometrics and other means of identification of your choice!

Idemia – Morphowave maker and the world’s first fingerprint technology!

Our Solutions.

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Access control systems.

Comda offers solutions to protect and ensure the completeness of the organizational information by assimilating access control.

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Digital signing systems.

ComSignTrust is a subsidiary of Comda that supplies digital signing systems for enterprises and SMB’s.

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Biometrics solutions.

Comda is the leading company in israel for biometrics services and products by well known brands.

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Vault & Encryption.

Comda is the leading company in israel for biometrics services and products by well known brands.

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