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Comda OTP solution offers a strong authentication method that ensures secure access to networks or critical applications and eliminates the risk of unauthorized intruders. It is a One-time password (OTP) solution which generates a password that is valid for one login attempt only, and thus prevents identity thefts. Comsign Authentication aims to satisfy the need of many organizations worldwide to secure their network and protect sensitive data. Secure identification through the use of a token (hardware, software or SMS) that generates one-time passwords that allow secure access to the network and organizational systems. This way, access to critical applications and data is guaranteed only to authorized users. The service is provided on servers backed up by hot backup and in a separate and highly secured DRP facility. The service supports OTP from the world's leading token manufacturers, in accordance to the customer's request (Comsign, Gemalto, Vasco, SafeNet, RSA) - a variety of technologies can be used by the same customer.

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Two-Factor Authentication .

Comda Authenticator implements Two-Factor Authentication mechanism which is stronger than traditional passwords authentication as it requires two authentication components to complete the authentication process:

  • Something that you have – An OTP component.
  • Something that you know – Personal identification number (PIN)

Methods of delivering the OTP

Comda Authenticator delivers one-time passwords through the below optional OTP components:

  • Hard token (hardware) – a token or a card.
  • Soft token (software) – a mobile app.

How does it work ?

Comsign Authenticator system is comprised of an Authentication server and personal tokens. Each token contains a unique seed based on a symmetric key and runs a password generation algorithm. The algorithm generates one-time passwords based on the seed and these methods:

  • Time-based OTP (TOTP) – a new OTP is generated frequently, every predefined interval of time (e.g. 60 sec), in synchronization with the UTC clock.
  • Event-based OTP (HOTP) – a new OTP is generated for each event (e.g. by pressing a button on the OTP device).

The generated OTP, combined with the user’s personal identification number (PIN), creates a passcode. This passcode is unique and extremely difficult to hack.

When a user attempts to gain access to an organization’s critical application or a VPN for instance, he is required to type his one-time password which is displayed on the token and his PIN. The passcode is sent to Comsign Authentication server which verifies it and decides whether to permit or deny access to the user. The communication between the application and the Authentication server is highly secured and data is protected.

One time password
2-step Authentication,

Works anywhere, no internet is required .

With Comda Authenticator users do not need to worry about any internet/cellular or network connectivity issues. The Comsign mobile app algorithm doesn’t require internet connectivity to generate OTPs and not even a SIM card. With this mobile app users can work from anywhere, including airplanes using Airplane mode.

Wide variety of supported applications

Comda Authenticator can protect every application that supports Radius server for authentication, including VPN and databases that require strong authentication. Among the supported applications and vendors, you can find the below:

  • VPN – Checkpoint, FortiGate, Cisco VPN, Juniper (Junos), Citrix Secure Access Gateway and more.
  • Database – PostgreSQL and Oracle.
  • Internet websites – running on IIS or Apache.
  • SSH
  • Linux workstations – using GDM and KDM.

Download OTP App For Free.

Comda Authenticator system can be installed by simply running a step-by-step installation wizard which is delivered as part of the installation kit. It is highly recommended to install it on two servers, Windows or Linux, to achieve High-availability. Once users have been authorized as Comsign OTP users, the system automatically delivers the mobile app in two different ways: Sends a ‘download app’ option directly to each device as a Software update notification. Sends download instructions via email. OTP solution helps organizations to detect and fix problems by generating logs for troubleshooting, which provide information that often reveal the problems’ root cause. The below log types are produced by the Authentication server: Authentication log – records all login attempts, failed and successful, and provides essential information such as authentication’s failure reason. Error log – records application error messages and useful information that help troubleshooting problems and diagnosing their root cause.

Various ways to access logs .

OTP system delivers and displays logs through various ways:

  • Database
  • EventLog
  • Log files
  • ColoredConsole – Writes log messages to the console with customizable coloring.
  • Console – Writes log messages to the console.
  • Mail
  • Network – Sends log messages over the network.
  • Websrevice – Calls the specified web service on each log message.

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Comda offers solutions to protect and ensure the completeness of the organizational information by assimilating access control.

Digital Signing systems

Digital signing systems.

ComSignTrust is a subsidiary of Comda that supplies digital signing systems for enterprises and SMB’s.

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Comda is the leading company in israel for biometrics services and products by well known brands.

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Comda is the leading company in israel for biometrics services and products by well known brands.

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