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VAX/AXP system.

In order to allow commercial continuity in organizations where old systems, like Alpha, VAS, and PDP-11 are assimilated, and as representatives of STROMASYS in Israel, Comda offers virtualization solutions for these systems.The HSM components are the basis for building the entire organizational trust infrastructure, the security and protection level must be uncompromising.

The solution includes tools to perform data

The solution is comprehensive and allows running the operating system in a virtual environment on the existing Windows or Linux platform that is installed on a strong hardware base and with higher speed performance. In addition, the solution includes tools to perform data migration of the software and applications, which have been developed so that in practice the will be installed in the virtual environment.

In Israel, a large number of successful installations have been implemented, mainly in the security system and security industry. The migration procedure is performed within a few hours and allows maintaining the system’s activities for a longer duration than the lifespan of the hardware on which it was installed at the beginning

Our Solutions.

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Access control systems.

Comda offers solutions to protect and ensure the completeness of the organizational information by assimilating access control.

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Digital signing systems.

ComSignTrust is a subsidiary of Comda that supplies digital signing systems for enterprises and SMB’s.

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Biometrics solutions.

Comda is the leading company in israel for biometrics services and products by well known brands.

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Vault & Encryption.

Secure your organization's sensitive data base and Store all enterprise passwords in one safty Vault that is secured at the highest technological level.

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